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Mission Statement

ASBM is grounded in the philosophy that every person, regardless of his/her intellectual disability level, should be treated with dignity and respect. In light of this we believe that every person should be given the opportunity to achieve his/her functional social and intellectual potential through appropriate individualized supports, and to live in an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth, understanding, and security which upholds the rights of each individual and provides developmental opportunities, and choices on an individual and group basis.

We therefore affirm and emphasize the right of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families to secure the highest level of care, support and habilitation services.

ASBM programs and services are available to all, regardless of race, color, or creed. The underlying commitment is the worth and value of all individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The agency provides direct support to individuals and also accepts an active role in planning, obtaining, and coordinating services, using available community resources outside the residence/day program.

We are committed to the training of all agency staff in order to provide skilled personnel for expanding programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

All services of the agency are done with the approval of the State and integration into the State’s comprehensive program for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

All policies and procedures are available for staff, parents, and individual representatives to read within the agency. The philosophy, goals, and objectives are available for distribution to the above parties.


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