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Michael Whiteside Bday


Our son, Michael Whiteside, has lived at the Riverdale group home since it opened in 1990! He has thrived there- especially in recent years. He attends the day program in Manhattan at the Jewish Guild for the Blind and I come to visit at least once (usually more) a month. He is always happy to come back to his home after we take him out.

Enclosed is photo from Sept. 16, 2012, of his 48th Birthday Party. The staff has always been caring and attentive and when I visit I can tell that they really KNOW Mikey’s individual needs and way of communicating.

After years at Willowbrook in Staten Island, at Elwyn Institute (outside Philadelphia) and the great camps in Liberty, NY- we feel Mikey Really has found His own Home.

We are very thankful to the staff and workers that make his life as pleasant AND productive as possible.

Thank you all! God Bless you-

Elena Whiteside
(Mikey’s Mom)
(writing also for his Dad, Duncan Whiteside)


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