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Our daughter Kim has been a resident of a group home operated by Advocates for Services for the Blind Multihandicapped Inc. She has been a resident since 1989. Kim is multihandicapped due to the Rubella Epidemic of 1964-1965.

It is a tremendous worry when parents place their precious child into a group home-one worries about the level of care, the kindness of staff, the programming,recreation,medical care,meals and all the activities of daily living. Will the needs of the residents be met and in a timely fashion-the answer is YES. I have witnessed this many times.

ASBM is an exceptional organization that does meet the needs of the people whom they serve. There is care and concern about all aspects of the lives of the residents. Our daughter is deaf and non-verbal. The staff in her home all sign and communicate well with her and the other residents. Some of the staff are deaf as well and truly understand the problems the deaf residents have with communication.

The houses are beautiful residences that are furnished well and look very nice. The homes are immaculate and well maintained. Meals are eaten family style and staff stays with the residents to ensure that food is properly and safely consumed. All activities of daily living are well and safely supervised. Our daughter has improved the development of her skills with the assistance of the staff. She is much more independent now. There is gym equipment in the basement and our residents are encouraged to exercise-always with assistance and supervision. All medical issues are addressed immediately always in a very timely manner.

The residents can be seen in the community-shopping, getting manicures and haircuts, going to the local restaurants and Dunkin Donuts. They also go to do ceramics; they go to local flea markets, fairs and parades. They even participate in their block party. So, they are truly functioning members of the community. On weekends they might be bowling, going to the movies, the circus or Radio City Music Hall etc. In the summer they go away on vacation-usually to a resort or perhaps a dude ranch.

We are grateful to the Agency, to the Direct Care Staff and all others for the care, kindness and concern they have for our children.

Thank you
Florence and Tom Woodford


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