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My son Paul has Congenital Rubella Syndrome. He is hearing impaired in both ears, legally blind and functions in the profound range of mental retardation.

Paul currently resides in a five (5) bed IRA in Bay Ridge Brooklyn operated by A.S.B.M. Inc. He shares a bedroom with one other consumer and the rest of the apartment with four (4) other sensory impaired consumers.

Paul enjoys going for community walks to the park and most community outings. He also enjoys going on vacations with his peers and staff. Paul attends A.S.B.M. Day Hab in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. He is doing well in his placement there. As part of the Day Hab program Paul volunteers at the Salvation Army where he helps to stock the pantry shelves or bag items. He also volunteers at AIMCO Senior Center.

A.S.B.M. Inc. has five (5) group homes and one (1) Day Hab within the Brooklyn and Bronx area. A.S.B.M. group homes and Day Hab are clean, beautiful, comfortable, efficient and well run. They are filled with much love that is provided by the caring professionals who work in all locations.


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