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Advocates For Services For The Blind Multihandicapped, Inc has been advocating for the disabled for over 30 years now. When seriously disabled young adults turn 21, they lose their right to remain in their special, secure, state-sponsored residential schools. According to State Education laws, that person is “aging out”. Legally defined as adults, in reality, many think, feel and act like children. They require special homes with 24-hour care.

ASBM began when a group of parents of children with special needs were faced with the problem of their children “aging out”. By 1983, they developed a solution: the establishment of small group homes where their children’s needs could be met. Since then, ASBM has been making sure Individuals physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs are met with dignity compassion and respect they deserve.

ASBM holds high standards when it comes to helping the Individuals develop to their highest potential. Our compassionate and highly trained professional staff and board members ensure all receive optimal care not only through the residential settings and day habilitation, but while in the community as well. Advocates’ Individuals are blind/visually impaired and/or deaf/hearing impaired; all face additional handicaps such as developments disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, and/or other challenges.


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